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Let Go & Leave Stress Behind: How To Rejuvenate At The Best Resort In Sedona

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Most people who want to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation put Sedona, AZ, at the top of their list of places to visit. But if you’ve never been to Sedona, you may wonder why this is. Put simply, Sedona is a beautiful place home to incredible scenery and vibrant culture. Sedona also has an incredibly rich history and absolutely stunning historical architecture as well.

From the famous Red Rocks to the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, there are so many amazing things to explore in Sedona. But, before you can go ahead with planning out the landmarks and locations you want to visit during your trip to this beautiful location, you need to find the perfect place to stay. Luckily, Sedona is no stranger to visitors, and the city has a large variety of accommodation options to fit any budget. But, if you want a truly relaxing stay in Sedona, you’ll want to focus on finding an amazing luxury resort.

Finding the best relaxing resort in Sedona, AZ

The best way to decide which luxury resort experience is right for you is to determine what you are looking for from your stay. When searching for accommodations, ask yourself the following questions, and think about what amenities and experiences are the most valuable to you.

Questions to keep in mind as you search for the perfect relaxing resort in Sedona include:

  • Does this resort offer the experiences and amenities you are looking for?

  • What types of accommodations does the resort offer? Are these the types of accommodations you are looking for?

  • Does the resort fit into the budget for your trip?

  • Where is the resort located? How far away are you from what you want to explore in Sedona?

  • How are you planning on spending your time in Sedona?

  • Are certain services or experiences only offered at certain times? Do these schedules fit into your schedule for your trip?

What makes Eagle Dancer the best place for a relaxing stay in Sedona, AZ?

Now that you have determined what you are looking for in a luxury resort, you may wonder which of Sedona’s many resorts is the best for your relaxation goals. We believe that the absolute best resort if you are looking for complete luxury and relaxation coupled with unlimited access to the beautiful outdoors, is Eagle Dancer.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to melt away your stress and simply soak in the serene atmosphere of the location, or you are looking to explore the very heart of Sedona, Eagle Dancer is the perfect location for you. But, of course, these are not your only two options, and this fantastic luxury rental property has much more to offer, so let’s dive right in and explore exactly what makes Eagle Dancer the best place to stay in Sedona!


The first draw of Eagle Dancer is undoubtedly the accommodations. Eagle Dancer offers complete luxury when it comes to its rooms, and you can choose between four different rooms to find the one that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

Each room includes a full kitchen with a wine refrigerator, spa-style bathrooms, and full access to incredible wellness amenities (which we will highlight in the following section). But each room offers a different layout and slightly different features. For example, the Upper Casita and Guest Suite accommodations feature an original Kiva fireplace. On the other hand, the Sanctuary room features an outdoor firepit, and the Garden Studio room features both types of fireplace.

The Garden Studio room also features Saltillo tile flooring, while the other three accommodation options feature gorgeous maple flooring.


As mentioned above, each room comes with access to incredible shared wellness amenities so you can truly relax and unwind during your stay at Eagle Dancer. The amenities included at no extra cost with each room are full access to Eagle Dancer’s

  • Therapeutic hot tub

  • Dry cedar sauna

  • Saltwater swimming pool

  • Aromatherapy steam room


Eagle Dancer is in the perfect location for both feeling secluded and tranquil and being just minutes away from all of what Sedona has to offer in terms of food, culture, and history. Additionally, the Eagle Dancer accommodations are just mere steps away from a private trailhead with over fourteen amazing natural hikes along the edge of the property.

So, whether you enjoy hiking and exploring all of the gorgeous nature or you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Sedona culture, Eagle Dancer is the perfect place to stay.

Wellness experiences

When it comes to relaxation and stress relief, there are endless options. Whether you are looking for massages, movement activities, astrology readings, wine experiences, or anything in between, Eagle Dancer offers a wide variety of expert wellness experiences so that you can have the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible.

Eagle Dancer has partnered with Healers Circle INC. in Sedona to give you access to the most gifted practitioners in the area. You can pick the best type of wellness experience for you based on your needs and desires and let our fantastic partners take care of you!

The property

The Eagle Dancer building itself is one of a handful of historic properties in Sedona, AZ. The building was designed by architect Bob McIntyre, who was made famous by designing the gorgeous Tlaquepaque Arts Center and other unique buildings in Sedona. The easily-distinguishable curve of the adobe brick walls of Eagle Dancer shows an incredible hallmark of McIntyre’s style, and the building itself is an incredible display of Sedona’s amazing historical architecture.


Because of Eagle Dancer’s location, you can be sure to have amazing views from the shared facilities (like the amazing saltwater swimming pool) and your personal accommodations! Each room offers a different, but still absolutely stunning, view of the Red Rocks that Sedona is known for and a gorgeous picture of the nature surrounding the resort.


Whether you’ve been to Sedona, AZ, before or you are looking to travel there for the first time, there is no denying that it is a truly beautiful place. A stay at Sedona’s Eagle Dancer luxury rental property is one of the best ways to leave your stress behind and enjoy life around you. So, if you are inspired to take a relaxing vacation and explore all that Sedona and Eagle Dancer offer, don’t hesitate to reserve your stay today!

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