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Wellness Experiences

We've forged partnerships with Sedona's most accomplished practitioners to curate an exceptional wellness journey within our Healing Room and across our property. While healers and therapists abound in Sedona, identifying those with genuine expertise and profound knowledge can be a challenge. Rest assured, we've meticulously handpicked each therapist, ensuring a deeply transformative and personally enriching experience. Explore our diverse service offerings via the link below or view more detailed descriptions below for a holistic wellness experience.


Virtual Conference
Remote Healing

Sessions with spectacular practitioners you can do from your room via Zoom or from home after your stay

Inner Freedom Techniques

Coaching, and other modalities to empower and realize your fullest potential

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Private Yoga & On Land Experiences

Move your body or try other experiences we offer on property or within the red rocks of Sedona

Physical Healing

Get your body and mind connected and optimal with Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology and more

Wine Experiences

A fun and unique evening like no other with Huib and Iona, masters of wine and hospitality

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