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A Historic Gem in Sedona

Eagle Dancer stands as one of Sedona's cherished historic landmarks. Crafted by the renowned architect Bob McIntyre, responsible for the iconic Tlaquepaque Arts Center and other distinct structures in Sedona, our property boasts the unmistakable curvature of adobe brick walls—a hallmark of McIntyre's inimitable style, seldom replicated today.

But it's not just the architecture that sets Eagle Dancer apart. Our legacy extends beyond the exclusive location and design. Originally constructed in 1969 by Platt Cline, the esteemed editor and publisher of the Arizona Daily Sun, who fervently advocated for Northern Arizona University, desegregated schools, and improved relations with Native American tribes. Following Cline's tenure, the home found itself in the care of 1950s Hollywood luminary Ann Miller, celebrated for her acting, dancing, and singing talents. Later, it was embraced by the illustrious Wrigley family, marking a lineage as unique and diverse as the property itself.


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Contemporary Luxury on Timeless Ground

We consider it a profound privilege to serve as custodians of this historic property. As we introduce modern updates, our unwavering commitment is to preserve the spirit, allure, architecture, and rich legacy of this beautiful property. Nestled amid the sacred red rocks of Sedona, which have stood for over 300 million years, our guests find solace in the serenity, privacy, unobstructed vistas, and the wonders of nature and wildlife.

Each day unveils breathtaking sunrises and moonrises, while the evening sun bathes the rocks in a radiance that transports you to another world. With access to over 14 hiking trails right at the property's edge, including Sugarloaf Mountain, Devil's Kitchen, Andante, Teacup, and the Seven Sacred Pools, this is where you can immerse yourself entirely in the tranquility of the Sedona experience. Yet, you remain just minutes away from excellent shopping and dining, making it the ideal fusion of modern comfort and timeless wonder.


Your private trailhead awaits

As a guest at Eagle Dancer, you'll enjoy exclusive access to a concealed trailhead right on our property. This hidden gem isn't featured in any tourist guidebook, but it opens the door to some of Sedona's most stunning hikes. These trails include:
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Seven Sacred Pools
  • Soldier's Pass
  • Keyhole Cave
  • Devil's Kitchen
  • Teacup
  • Andante Trail 
  • Sacred Amitabh Stupa and Chimney Rock
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