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Welcome, Dear Friends

At our core, we are true romantics, and our mission is to craft a haven, a place where magic unfolds for you. It's a space for connection, restoration, and transformation—a sanctuary where you can rediscover your deepest peace and joy. Quite simply, "Simply Be Love" is one of Sedona's most exceptional retreats.

We are ardent admirers of beauty, having traveled across the globe to absorb the finest in hospitality. Our passion for exploration fuels our desire to understand people, dive headfirst into diverse cultures, and immerse ourselves in life's myriad experiences.


Rooted in profound spirituality, we also find solace in the classics—art, ballet, music, poetry—and, of course, relishing great wine and unforgettable dining moments. Life is our canvas, and we aim to paint it with the vibrant hues of each moment.

Our purpose is to evoke warmth, welcome, and luxury—a refuge from the clamor of the world, where you can genuinely unwind, deeply rejuvenate, and rediscover the essence of life. Our foremost aspiration is that you leave replenished, re-energized, transformed, and radiating joy, ready to embrace all the wonders life has in store. We eagerly await the honor of hosting you here.

Iona + Huib

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