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$170 for 1 hour, $253 for 1.5 hours


Customized Massage

with Sarah

Make meaningful, significant, and everlasting changes as you surrender to the process of the bodywork. Destress and become grounded in the beautiful Sedona environment and deeper address some of the foundational imbalances of your body to bring about alignment and harmony.


Sarah's touch would be described as a genuine heartfelt connection, with feeling/sensing to the mode of tension within your body. The moment where the muscles are right at the point of contraction. Right where healing can be made known. Then making the experience enjoyable and long-lasting by going layer by layer, and getting to the depth of tension that your body is willing to go. Then honor the body/ being and give it the time and space to heal and be understood/valued.


Sarah's philosophy is that every person has a unique genetic makeup, holding patterns, and experiences that are being stored within the body. Her massages are unique and never quite the same due to the needs of the client and the ever-changing holding patterns within the body. To get the most impact and empowerment from the work, it is imperative to come in with the mindset, that you are responsible for your own healing.


Every session will be different and depends on what your body responds to and the type of massage that you are looking for.

Physical Healing

Get your body and mind connected and optimal with Massage, Myofascial Release and more!

$170 for 1 hour, $253 1.5 hours


Customized Massage

with Omkari

Omkari (Kristen) is a master practitioner in Quantum Healing, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Intuitive Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring.


With over 30 years of expertise in the fields of holistic health and transformation of consciousness, she has worked with clients and groups worldwide. Her work renews your energy, inspires your vision, activates your inner light and natural healing ability and aligns you with the peace, joy and abundance of your soul.

Omkari is here to help you relax, and assist with your healing and wellness needs.

Oil Massage
Shoulder Massage

$270 for 1.5 hours

Myofascial Release

Improve your performance, decrease your recovery time and find your peak potential in your everyday endeavors. Using various forms of manual therapy, we can greatly improve your range of motion, free up nerve entrapments, lengthen shortened and hypertonic muscles, break down scar tissue and enhance collagen remodeling, reduce adhesion, muscle cramping, inflammation, spasm and pain, and increase flexibility and strength.


We can identify and address areas of tension and overuse patterns before injury occurs. Instead of being in pain and fear of a distressing injury you can experience kinesthetic feedback – feeling your muscles relax, joints decompress and a greater sense of ease with movement and breath.


You can also improve your sense of well-being, mental outlook and perception of life. Through simple awareness based and movement practices, we can shift into levels of mind that cultivate a greater capacity to deal with pain and stress, form a deeper connection with our Self and others, and live a fully satisfied life in the Now.


In addition to providing exceptional manual therapy, mindfulness and movement instruction, his ultimate goal is to create an experience with his clients that allows for a shift in the perception of themselves, their relationship to pain, their relationship to the world within and around themselves.


By shifting levels of mind and becoming aware from that new level of mind during treatment, gives his clients the best possible outcome and provides a safe and awake space for true authentic healing, growth and lasting change to take place.

$180 for 1 hour



with Robin

Indulge your feet and hands in an hour of massage. This ancient style of bodywork relaxes and works your whole being. You bring balance and restorative vitality throughout the body by stimulating meridian-reflex points on the ears, hands, and feet. After a session of Reflexology, you feel as though you have had a full body massage. Aromatherapy is included in this session.


(This treatment is contraindicated for the mother-to-be.)

Foot Massage

$325 for 1.5 hours

Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage

with Robin

Follow your bliss! Using 100% organic, wild, bio-grown, medicinal grade essential oils. Relaxing through olfactory while every pore drinks in the kingdom of the divine essence of nature, creating a symphony of inner wisdom merging spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical to an optimal healing level. This will awaken your true nature to feel states of grace that leave you feeling more rejuvenated and aware. This session addresses the CNS, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Lymphatic Systems. This session incorporates dry

brushing (an added benefit to the Lymphatic System), soothing massage strokes, a healing touch, and intuitive guidance on your journey into this new dimension. Harnessing the healing energy of nature!

$160 for 1 hour


Express Me with Aromatherapy

30-minute back, neck, and shoulders with 30minute foot reflexology

Image by Denise Chan
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