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The Luxury Getaway of a Lifetime: Discover the Best Hotel & Resort in Sedona

Sometimes, life gets busy. Sometimes, it gets hectic. Sometimes, we put off that much-needed vacation in order to tackle those unfinished tasks. But, you know what? We can always make an excuse to put something off. Don’t make the mistake so many have made of putting off a luxury getaway until it is too late. Rather, grasp at the chance while it is before you!

There is an idyllic spot in central Arizona that can bring you luxury, serenity, and wellness. It’s called Sedona. With soaring red rock cliffs and canyons, peaceful pine forests, and far-distant horizons, there is no better place for a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

But, if you’re going there, you’ll need to find the perfect spot to stay. Look no further than the best hotel and resort in Sedona – Eagle Dancer.

The Best Spot for a Getaway - Sedona

Nestled among the canyons of central Arizona, the small city of Sedona offers visitors and locals alike unimaginable views. Even the very color of the red rocks is considered calming. It’s no wonder Sedona has long been the vacationer’s choice for a restful holiday.

The mild climate of Sedona makes it a perfect spot for hikes in the forests, wildlife watching, rock climbing, and so much more.

In the city proper, there is a thriving arts culture with fine art galleries, shopping villages, and live music at many of the popular restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, Sedona offers fine dining in rooms with crystal-clear windows that show off the area’s landscape and restaurants perfect for a moody evening dinner.

Above all of this, though, is Sedona’s beautiful landscape, which can simply be enjoyed and taken in full while sitting before a fire with a glass of wine.

Eagle Dancer - The Luxury Resort of Sedona

For the ultimate luxury resort stay in Sedona, the best place is Eagle Dancer.

Eagle Dancer is a historic resort that has been upgraded and enhanced over the years until it has become an ideal spot for the modern vacationer. Rather than stay in a crowded hotel that looks just like any other or in a vacation house that could be in a neighborhood surrounded by more houses, you can book a stay in a suite or studio at a private resort that is away from it all.

More than this, while you are enjoying your stay in a private studio with wide, clear windows, you can book wellness services right on the property. Eagle Dancer truly is the luxury resort of Sedona.

Nestled Among the Red Rocks Yet Only Minutes from Shopping and Dining

Eagle Dancer is located in the heart of the sacred red rocks of Sedona. Surrounded by the wild-growing pines and junipers that have provided shelter and shade to wildlife since the beginning, the resort was designed to fit in with the landscape and provide a sheltered, private spot for people to enjoy nature.

The views from the luxury resort are second to none, with soaring striped shades of red rock cliffs, a veritable seabed of evergreens, and the bluest sky in the West. From these scenes, guests of the resort can hike any of the 14 trails that come right to the property’s edge.

The resort is private but is also located just minutes from Sedona’s shops, art galleries, and fine restaurants.

A Historic Property with Modern Luxury

Our resort is a historic property with all of the modern amenities and luxuries you could desire.

Designed by Bob McIntyre, Eagle Dancer features curved, adobe brick walls, many glass windows, wrought iron railings, and rounded doorways that are magnificent yet attuned to the surrounding landscape. On another historical note, the resort has been owned by several influential names, including Patt Cline, the original owner of Eagle Dancer and editor and publisher of the Arizona Daily Sun, Ann Miller, the ‘50s actress, and the Wrigley family.

As the years have passed, updates and enhancements have been made. Stainless steel faucets, marble showers, a saltwater swimming pool, sliding glass doors onto porches and patios, and much more are all part of the resort’s amenities.

Four Private Accommodations to Choose From

At Eagle Dancer, guests can choose from four different accommodations. Yes, four. This means that guests can know they are getting a private stay. Let’s look at the things that make these choices special:

#1: Upper Casita - This upper-level studio features a high-quality, modern-styled interior with unobstructed 180-degree views from the private balcony. The maple flooring, kiva brick fireplace, and well-appointed kitchen make this studio stand out. With a king bed, marble bathroom, and access to the resort’s wellness amenities, a stay in this studio is the epitome of relaxing.

#2 - Sanctuary - If secluded, independent apartments are more to your liking, Eagle Dancer has that too. In the Sanctuary, you’ll find a king bed, an outdoor firepit, maple flooring, and a fully equipped kitchen. The spa-like bathroom and the two private decks make this apartment luxurious.

#3 - Garden Studio - The third option is the Garden Studio. As a lower-level studio, this choice has access to a ground-level outdoor patio with a fire pit and access to the surrounding nature. As with the others, this studio has a king bed, a marble bathroom, and a kitchen. There is also a kiva fireplace, saltillo tile flooring, and, as always, access to the resort’s wellness amenities.

#4 - Guest Suite - Finally, there is the guest suite, which is one of the most historic rooms. With access to a private patio, a king bed, a kiva fireplace, a brick and glass bathroom, and a mini kitchen, this suite has everything you need. The views from the completely private Guest Suite are utterly incredible.

Wellness Amenities and Services for Your Relaxation

Having mentioned the resort’s wellness amenities, you’re probably wondering what those are. Well, Eagle Dancer offers an aromatherapy steam room, a therapeutic hot tub, a saltwater swimming pool, and a dry cedar sauna. All guests have access to these amenities.

In addition, we partnered with Healers Circle to offer the best wellness services in Sedona, which guests can experience right in our Healing Room or elsewhere on the property.

Reserve Your Luxury Getaway in Sedona Today

The best hotel and resort in Sedona, Eagle Dancer, is the place to stay for the luxury getaway of a lifetime. If we’ve piqued your interest in the resort, and you are interested in booking your stay, don’t delay. Contact us today with any questions, or reserve your favorite accommodation online!

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