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What is the best place to stay in Sedona, AZ?

Sedona, AZ is a beautiful place, home to both amazing scenery of Sedona’s famous red rocks, as well as a vibrant culture and a rich history. It’s no surprise that so many people are drawn to explore Sedona each year and take in everything this wonderful area has to offer. If you’re looking to spend some much needed you-time and take in all Sedona, AZ has to offer, you might be thinking about where you might stay.

The truth is, you have a ton of options. Places to stay in Sedona range from budget options to luxury accommodations and everything in between. But, if you’re really looking for the absolute best place to stay in Sedona, you might be more interested in luxury stays in Sedona. We’ll explore some of the things that make a truly wonderful experience, and discuss the best place to stay in Sedona, AZ.

sedona trails

What Sedona has to offer

One of the most grabbing things people often notice about Sedona is the beautiful mountains all around. Many visitors enjoy the red peaks and plateaus that stretch across the horizon in all directions. Many visitors also enjoy the amazing hikes along spots like Sugarloaf Mountain, where hikers can enjoy the summit trail and see unbelievable views.

While Sedona is home to some incredible nature–caves, mountains, trails, greenery, expanses, and more–that’s not all there is to do in Sedona. Many visitors and residents also enjoy the rich culture and history of the area, enjoying the architecture, shopping, food, and even a wide range of museums and art.

Why where you stay matters

You might be thinking: Well, that’s lovely, but I already know Sedona is an amazing place. What does that have to do with where I stay?

The reason is quite simple: where you stay when you’re in Sedona can have an impact on every other part of your stay. For example, if you really want to enjoy nature, you probably want to be right near some amazing trailheads and scenery. If you’re more interested in the culture of Sedona, and taking in all the amazing history, art, architecture, and museums, you might not want to stay somewhere too far from central Sedona.

What’s more, where you stay can impact your level of comfort as you unwind each day, how well you’re able to sleep, and even what kind of food you’re able to enjoy each day. If you want to wake up and start your day with an amazing breakfast, cereal boxes and a coffee maker might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

While you’re staying in Sedona, where you stay can matter a whole lot. Whether you plan to spend your days exploring the city, or you plan to get out and really experience nature with some brisk hiking, you probably want somewhere to relax, unwind, and feel comfortable at the end of your day.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodations, this can be particularly important. Maybe you just want to stay somewhere where you can enjoy the amazing views Sedona has to offer during your down time. Maybe down time is what you need the most! If it is, you’ll likely want to find somewhere you can stay that offers the types of luxury amenities that you can enjoy while you unwind and relax.

Eagle Dancer

We believe that if you’re looking for nothing short of complete luxury, while still enjoying uninhibited access to the wide splendor of the outdoors, Eagle Dancer is the best place to stay in Sedona. Eagle Dancer is a luxury rental property in Sedona, that offers guests everything they need to enjoy a luxury experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Why Eagle Dancer is the best place to stay in Sedona, AZ

We believe that there are several things that make Eagle dancer the best place to stay in Sedona, including: the accommodations, wellness amenities, location, scenery, and beautiful historical architecture.

AirBnB Room


Eagle Dancer offers guests nothing short of full luxury accommodations in order to ensure that each stay is magical. There are 4 rooms guests can choose from, each one designed to offer an experience that combines everything you’ll need to stay comfortable and incredible views. Each room includes a full, usable kitchen–including a wine refrigerator, as well as spa style bathrooms, and access to incredible wellness amenities.

Whether your plans involve taking in all the nearby attractions, hiking, exploring, seeing museums, or just spending your day relaxing in comfort, at Eagle Dancer, you’ll always have an incredible room to return to when you’re ready to wind down for the evening.

Wellness amenities

While you might want to stay in your room forever once you get settled in and enjoy your views for the first time, there’s plenty of other ways to enjoy your stay. We offer wellness amenities designed to help you destress, relax, unwind, and truly enjoy your time.

Enjoy the deep relaxation of an aromatherapy steam room, relax and soothe your body with a therapeutic hot tub, take a swim in a saltwater swimming pool, and recharge in a cedar dry sauna. We also offer a range of experiences that aim to delight–including wine experiences, physical healing, emotional healing, energy experiences, and more.

Perfect location

While Eagle Dancer is tucked away among the beautiful red rocks, offering guests a tranquil sense of seclusion, it’s also located right at the edge of Sugarloaf Mountain, and only a short distance from the heart of Sedona. This makes Eagle Dancer an ideal location, whether you want to enjoy hiking through and exploring all that nearby nature has to offer, or you’re looking forward to taking in all the culture, history and architecture that makes Sedona such a charming historical city.

See for yourself what Sedona has to offer

Sedona is a truly magical place, and if you’re ready to see for yourself all that Sedona and Eagle Dancer have to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out and reserve your stay! With only four rooms, we can work to ensure that our guests enjoy a relaxing and exclusive luxury experience as they take in the beauty of Sedona’s red rocks, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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